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"Shanghai Night"

by Cindee Yeo,
A Love Affair Wedding Concepts



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For the sake of our international readers, we find it necessary to explain certain terminologies employed here that are uniquely Singaporean:

1)Kakis : loosely translated "friends".

2)Andy Lau and Leslie Cheung are movie actors from Hong Kong.

3) A Shanghai Night would be the chinese equivalent of Chicago with Al Capone and friends. Same timeline.

-- Ed.

  The big day approaches. How do you make your wedding different from everyone else? It could burn a mighty big hole in your pocket but there are other alternatives. Having a theme will give your planning some focus. For example, instead of having to choose from tons of music from Kitaro to Kenny G to My Heart Will Go On for the wedding dinner, if you picked a "Shanghai Nite" theme, just concentrate on china-type music and you’re all set. It will cost you nothing extra but at the same time make the night one for the guests to remember.

In this series of articles, A Love Affair Wedding Concepts will offer some suggestions and real experiences from its clients on the theme wedding. This month, we will look at outfits. In subsequent months, we will discuss various themes for your wedding music, car, flowers, assessories, wedding favours, decoration, stationery, locations, and bears. (Not necessarily in that order.)

The following article is actually a contribution from a satisfied client of ours. The theme:

"Shanghai Night"

Right from the start, I had decided on the theme, "Shanghai Night". Smitten by the movie "Shanghai Grand" (Andy Lau and Leslie Cheung looking cool in trenchcoats), the theme song with its distinctive "tung-tah-tung", and all things Chinoiserie, I wanted to have my Shanghai Night complete with gangsters bursting in and mahjong tables in the back. But the gangsters had to kick butt elsewhere and the mahjong "kakis" were not available and so I had to settle for just the Shanghai-type outfits and music. My "Shanghai Night" turned out more like "China Night" but you must admit the former sounds much better.

For the wedding dress, the designer did a great job with simple lines and made me a fuss-free gown sans flowers, frills and horror-of-horrors, lace. I had a mandarin collar (aka Shanghai Night), open neck which plunged a bit and intricate beading on the bodice reminiscent of the paisley motif on some Chinese-type outfit. Hubby’s white vest for church had the same beading. Entirely coordinated bride and groom’s outfits would be a tad cheesy but simple touches like the same beading on the lapels, tie or even cravat on the wedding gown lends a touch of subtle unity.

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