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While interviewing your wedding site (obviously you need to make sure your date is available), ask the site manager what their rules and regulations are regarding decoration. Also, inquire as to whether or not they have a "preferred vendors list" or a "required vendors list". This means you may possibly not be able to bring in your own florist or designer. The site sometimes has such a regulation to protect their facilities or because they may even receive commissions from the vendors. If you have a favorite florist/designer, who is reputable in the area and a professional, ask the site manager if they might make an exception and allow you to bring in your own florist/designer. Most sites are very willing about this as long as the business is reputable.

Ask the site manager (this includes the ceremony and reception sites) if they have any decorations, trees, trees with lights, lattice work or other props that you might be allowed to use. Be sure to ask if there is a fee for such use. This could be a way to save money.

For the Bride on a Restricted budget, here are some other ways to save money:

1) use pot plants for centerpieces (this can be fun; you can place a sticker under one of the chairs at the table and at some point during the late evening, announce that the person with the sticker under the chair can take the flowers home);

2) have a friend take the flowers used for the ceremony to the reception site and arrange them appropriately;

3) find a florist that works in silk or dried arrangements;

4) use seasonal flowers;

5) instead of ordering special flowers for the cake table or head table....or even guests' tables....use the bouquets for the attendants. Remember, YOUR bouquet should go on the cake table, and while we are talking about your bouquet, it's a must that one of the types of flowers used in your bouquet should also be used in the groom's buttonniere;

6) use a simple flat glass bowl and float a gardenia or other type of lilly in the bowl;

7) use tulle and fabric puffs as centerpieces (this can be alot of fun and very economical;

8) simply scatter flower petals onto the top of the table; use framed photos of you and your groom at different ages or even pictures of the immediate family members, pictures while you were dating, place them in the center of the table with a bud vase with a single flower in it in the middle of the photos.

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