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Contributed By Connie Walker
Silhouette Bridal Designs

Trends in Today's Bridal Gowns

Today's trends in bridal gowns place the focus on a bride's uniqueness and individuality more than the dress. With a larger variety of gowns to choose from, today's brides have been afforded the opportunity to find a gown that truly expresses their personal style.

Any gown, however, is the sum of its parts—bodice, silhouette, fabric, trim, etc.—and to truly see what's happening in the world of bridal gowns, one must look at each individual area to see what's becoming popular.

Silhouettes. Overall, narrower, more sophisticated silhouettes are gaining more popularity, as they help to make a body appear slimmer.

  • A-line (also known as princess line) dresses remain very popular, as they provide long graceful lines that are very slimming on most figures.
  • Sheaths with detachable trains have been around, but the newest sheaths are cut with part of the train built into the silhouette, to gracefully trail behind the bride.
  • Bias-cut wedding gowns have gained new interest. These styles are cut in such a way that they follow the curves of the body, softly flaring out at the hem. They are reminiscent of the Hollywood movie stars of the 1930's.
  • The ballgown style has undergone some transformations in recent years. Whereas all ballgowns once had a basque waistline (a dropped waistline that dips down to a "V" in the front) with a gathered skirt, many more of today's ballgowns have raised the waistline to a point just below the natural waist or even at the natural waist. Skirts are being pleated into deep folds or cut to flare out without any gathers in a circular shape. These finer points mean that today's ballgowns help to flatter the shape, helping to provide an "hourglass" figure without the extra bulk. Next Page.

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