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  Good Wedding Photography:
What You Can Do to Make Your Pictures Right.

These days, bridal shops really take the footwork out of your wedding photography. Step into a bridal shop, and you’ll be presented with irresistibly-priced wedding packages. For three thousand bucks you get this, you get that and you get the photography thrown in - FREE. That's a lot of bang for the bucks, you thought. And so you sign up for one of the packages.

"Congratulations!" says the consultant, "Come in one month before your wedding and we’ll set you up for the photo shoot." It was a set up indeed.

The problem with some of these packaged photography is that they require you to have your wedding pictures taken before your wedding day. Many of these photographers would prefer not to take your pictures on your wedding day. For them, 'actual day' pictures are best left to the amateurs. Curious thinking, that. Ask around. Check with your friends. Find out how many of them REALLY liked their so-called studio wedding photographs.

"That wasn’t me!"

"Hey! I looked ridiculous in that pose."

"No, no! This one is censored, you can’t look at this, I looked ugly here."

Sound familiar? Well, what went wrong? How your wedding photos will turn out eventually depends a lot on you too. Just consider the following:


One month, one week, or even one day before your wedding is still not your wedding day. So would you feel the same as you would have felt on your wedding day? While it wouldn’t be fair to generalise that all photo sessions before the wedding would turn out wrong, we’re really saying that it’s not the real thing. Contrary to what some photographers might suggest to you (that you’ll be too tired to look good if the photos were taken on the actual day), actual-day photos will turn out well. And we are talking about studio-quality photography here, not those taken by your uncles. After all, it IS your big day and you’ll be naturally happy. And this happy disposition would naturally be captured in your photographs.
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