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Setting the Mood: Choosing the Right Fabric for your Gown

by Connie Walker
Aleya Bridal
No doubt about it: the same dress in two different fabric textures is two different gowns. The fabric a bride selects helps to convey her mood. From the warmth of velvet to the crispness of silk dupioni, the fabric—as well as the gown—has to reflect the individuality of the bride.

What's exciting about today's gowns is the variety of fabrics from which a bride can choose. While there will always be gowns made from satins and Alencon laces, a bride today has more choices. To help you narrow your fabric selections, I've included information about some of the popular fabrics and some of the new ones making it into salons across the country.


Silk Duchesse Satin. This fabric always sets the high standard for satin. It has a luxurious sheen and richness that, in satins, is unparalleled. A bride who is unwilling to compromise on her wedding gown will want to try on gowns made from silk satin, as it looks more luxurious.

Polyester Duchesse Satin
. Also known as Italian satin or Matte satin, this fabric closely imitates the qualities of a good silk satin. It has a soft, subtle shine and a smooth, supple surface. It also has less of a tendency to wrinkle than silk satin. A good quality polyester duchesse satin will make a gown look richer, providing additional elegance.
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