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May 5, 1998
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  Diary of a Bride

Contributed By Rachel Coburn Broderick
Email :Rachelbeth@aol.com

Rachel rushed us this article on the day of her wedding - May 24, 1998. Congratulations! More entries from Rachel after her honeymoon.



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MAY 5, 1998: Edison, New Jersey, U.S.A. -

I'm one step closer to being married. Ryan and I just got back from the municipal office, where we filled out and paid for our marriage license. It was a breeze, except for the fact that we forgot the address of the Rabbi who'll be officiating, the money order, and barely made it there before closing time. At one point, we had to attest under oath to our mental stability, which by now is dubious at best, so I suppose we've told a bit of a white lie. Never mind, the thing is signed, sworn to, and sealed.

It's hard for me to believe that the wedding is now less than three weeks away. When I think back over all that's happened since the wintery Saturday night that he proposed, it seems like we've been engaged forever. But in other ways, like the feeling that engulfs me when I recall the picture of him down on one knee, his late grandmother's stunning diamond ring in hand, it seems like...well, if not just yesterday, then certainly the day before last.

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