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  How to Choose a Wedding Consultant: 18 Essential Questions

By Robbi Ernst, III of
June Wedding, Inc.

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(ęCopyright, 1998. June Wedding, Inc.)

ver thought of hiring a wedding consultant? Before you do, it would be best to check out his or her credentials. Robbi Ernst, III of June Wedding, Inc. has prepared some questions for you to ask before hiring anyone:

. Does the consultant have a business license or at least a DBA registration?

2. If you meet the consultant in his/her home, do they have liability insurance?

3. How long have they been in business?

4. What professional organizations do they belong to? (NOTE: while belonging to an association is important, realize that there are some unprofessional organizations and associations and often their only requirement is paying dues).

5. How many weddings do they do a year?

6. Ask for at least five vendor referrals (vendor referrals are other professionals in the area; vendor referrals are usually more reliable than bridal referrals).

7. Is the Consultant Certified; if so, by whom? Again, check out that Association that gave the certification.

8. Does the Consultant have a contract? Ask for a copy.

9. Does the Consultant have a staff or "back-up" system in case he/she becomes unavailable on your wedding day?

10. Does the Consultant accept referral fees/commissions? Do NOT work with any consultant who receives referral fees/commissions.

11.What does the Consultant do? Are they able to work with you on an individual meeting basis or do they only work on the full production?

12. Check out well the referrals that the Consultant gives you. Do they have good reputations in the local business community? Do they all have licenses, insurance and health permits (if they are in the food industry)?

13. Will the Consultant work within your budget?

14. Does the Consultant seem organized, efficient, able to listen to your ideas and translate them into reality?

15. How and what amount does the Consultant charge....and what are they doing for that fee?

16. How often will the Consultant provide you with written updates on your wedding planning?

17. Will the Consultant be at the Rehearsal and Wedding Day
throughout? Is this within the fee quoted or is it additional?

18. How will the Consultant be attired on the day of the wedding?

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